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The Finest Applications in Google Play Store


The Finest Applications in Google Play Store

As technology is rapidly developing, people are getting adapted to the new tech world. Following new trends, upgrading to new versions, working on highly advanced applications. Eventually, a few apps are filtered from the bag of applications based on their versatility.

At present, every person has their smartphones, laptops, computers, tabs, and other electronic devices they depend on mostly for personal or professional work. We always prefer to use the best apps which make our tasks easier and faster.


There are millions of apps that are present in the Google Play Store. It is hard to pick the best, but still, it is possible by considering a few features and functionalities.

Now let me suggest a few apps that top the Google Play Store list. Let us have a small glimpse at some apps that are trending on social media currently.

  1. YouTube

This wonderful application will propose some videos based on your priority. It recommends movies, songs, shows, news, entertainment videos, tutorials, and whatnot. It provides you with everything else depending on your interest. Likewise, it delivers valuable insights to the users over there. Seemingly, its recommendation system is intelligent. This application uses a revolutionary technology known as Machine Learning.

  1. Netflix

I am sure that you are well aware of this app on social media. It provides all the streaming services that the user is looking for. Well, if we talk more, Netflix is not just an app; it is a brand. Based on our history, it recommends the shows or movies.

  1. Disney+

Disney+ provides quality services that improve the user experience. Likewise, it is a land for movies, sports, shows, web series, international programs, entertainment, and many more. There are billions of downloads as it provides countless features.

  1. WhatsApp

Irrespective of the person’s age and background, everyone is using this app either for professional or personal purposes. Mainly during this pandemic situation, students and employees are mostly dependent on this application to make their work done. Sharing documents, files, spreadsheets, class links, PDFs, presentations and entire communication is done here.

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint

In this pandemic situation, most of the educational and corporate institutions are using this. Presenting the lectures to the students through the PPTs. Employees are presenting their projects through the PPTs. This will be much more flexible, and you can deliver the message effectively.


Briefing up

In a nutshell, if we move down the list, there will be many to talk about. But I have prioritized these applications based on their usage and their role in our day-to-day life. Daily, we come across these applications at least once a day. Make the best use of these applications. Make sure it is worth the time that you have spent.

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