Things guys notice when they meet you for the first time.

Things guys notice when they meet you for the first time.

Guys do act like they do not notice but the truth of the matter is they do with their telescopic view about everything possible in the first meeting. The face is indeed the first aspect of attention.

Lips: Guys notice lips of the girl they meet for the first time. 5%-6% consider good shaped lips to be a major cause of attraction to take the meeting forward. A smile is an inseparable part of lips is greatly observed in terms of being genuine or fake. A beaming smile not only spreads on your face but also brings light in the eyes. It carries along a positive vibe and a sense of acceptance to move forward.

Eyes: A genuine guy will always look into the eyes while speaking. Eyes are said to be a window to the soul. It applies to both the participants of the meeting. If the person is genuine he/she will not shy away from making eye-contact. Beautiful eyes are a sure shot gainer in attracting anyone.

Height and Figure: Yes, physical attributes to take a front seat when it comes to marking an everlasting impression. Good posture, height, and figure with a comfortable yet smartly dressed girl are an assured winner at the meeting. It doesn’t imply that short and plump hold no hope, they do but they need to accentuate their other physical attributes to gain more attention.

Hair: neat, healthy and well-kept hair is a sure shot winner of the meeting. Girls with wavy, straight or curly texture if do their hair properly in the first meeting then it does attract a lot of points from the guy’s side. Guys prefer girls with long hair on an average of approximately 55% prefer long haired girls.

Laugh and sense of humor: open unhidden laughter and a great sense of humor not only turns the meeting lively but also interesting. It makes the environment less nervous and allows the other person to open up slowly. Unnecessary giggles are for sure annoying but an open laughter on some matter makes things better between the two of you. A warm laugh is good enough to cross all the nervousness hurdles easily.

How you interact with others: guys do notice the way you interact with others on the way. He will get impressed with acts of kindness and compassion when you are with him. Noticing elderly and kids while strolling down the lane with him and giving a helping hand to those in needs will speak volume about the person you are within. Oodles of make-up, hairdo, and expensive dress are all fake in front of the genuine real you.


Kylie Jenner for dinner in NYC in a hot red mini dress

Kylie Jenner for dinner in NYC in a hot red mini dress

It’s dinner time! Kylie Jenner was spotted going for dinner wearing a red mini dress. The red and short dress actually revealed her body attributes in a better way which swept the world by its feet. The twenty-one-year-old television personality and model looked fabulous. She carried her belongings in a bag which had crystals studded to it. The bag is the creation of the famous fashion designer Alexander Wang. The actress wore a pair of black heels along with the dress.

The career of Kylie Jenner

Kylie started off with her career in the year 2007 as an actress in the reality TV series Keeping up with the Kardashians. She also happens to be an entrepreneur and has founded a cosmetic company known as Kylie Cosmetics. In the year 2012, she joined hands with an apparel brand names PacSun in a tie-up with her sister Kendall and had founded the “Kendall and Kylie” line of clothing. A mobile app has also been brought out by her which happened to come up to number one on the iTunes Apple Store.

She and her sister Kendall has been listed as the most influencing teens of the world in the year 2015. She is also followed by 100 million people thereby making her one of the most influencing people in the world right now. Forbes Celebrity 100 published by Forbes also listed Kylie’s name thereby making her one of the youngest people to be listed.

She has been seen in innumerable TV series and music videos namely I’m Yours, Come and See Me, Life of Kylie, Deal With It, Million Dollar Closets, and many others. Apart from that, she has been nominated for various awards and recognition. To date, she is the winner of the Choice TV Reality Star: Female.

The 21-year-old is also mother to a baby girl named Stormi Webster with her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott.

Kylie was actually off for a dinner in New York City when she was spotted in a red mini dress which just made her appear fabulous from top to toes. It is entirely tight fitting which revealed the shape of her body thereby making her appear beautiful than ever before. Apart from that she kept her hair open and let her tresses flow at one side. The cosmetic brand owner appeared in natural makeup.


How to know you are dating the wrong person.

How to know you are dating the wrong person.

Relationships are not full proof; it has its own share of ups and downs. There is no relationship manual to help you overcome or avoid heart break. All of have been been stuck by stupid-cupid and fallen head over heels madly, blindly in the game of LOVE. Though there are some clear cut signs and patterns showing that you are dating the wrong person. All of us have experienced this it at least once in our lifetime so far.

Demanding/commanding at all times:

If your partner is very demanding and commanding at all times, dictating terms and condition like

  • What to do and what not.
  • What to wear, what not.
  • Whom to talk to
  • When to sit, sleep, drink, eat etc

Just make your exit plan. He’s not the one you can think of long term relationship with. Trust is the main ingredient of any long lasting relationship. In its absence the entire dish goes for a six.

Always your best critic

You are dating the wrong person, if he is always criticising about your taste for food, music, movies, dressing and make-up. He’s too self-centred to notice the good in you.

I’m the BEST; you are the fortunate one

There are guys who think too high of themselves. They don’t miss a single chance to out shine you. On top of it you are made to feel to be the fortunate one, to have got them in your life.

Less attentive towards you

It’s a clear cut hint; if you are dating the wrong person he’s less attentive towards your needs, desires, likes and dislikes. Don’t be just the trophy wife/girlfriend for some one. Be more desirable and know your worth.

Insensitive behaviour towards less fortunate one’s or a show-off

Guys with rude behaviour towards service staff, spill the beans of their behavioural issues. If they are not nice to the simple common public serving them; expect nothing for yourself from them. It’s not chick to kick the common man and show-off your money, power or position.

Doubt’s you or doesn’t let you meet his friends.

How annoying it can be, if your partner calls frequently to check your whereabouts. Doubting and chasing you every hour/every day. You are definitely dating the wrong person, if he’s super possessive and cannot share your time with others. If he finds reasons to avoid meeting you up with his friends, then something is definitely not right.

Instagram/Facebook is out of your bounds

If you are not friends with him on Facebook and Instagram, then he’s hiding a lot from you. If the relationship is on a serious note, then these accounts are shared.

Always trust your GUT/Intuition.

Hold no doubts if your gut or intuition says otherwise. Something has to go wrong will go wrong. But your inner self will always warn you. Listen to that voice for your mental health and peace. You are dating the wrong person if your GUT says so. Believe it or not!


How to do a mayonnaise hair treatment at home

Did you ever know that mayonnaise can be so versatile? Other than spiking up the taste of a dish and making it more delectable than ever, Mayo can be used to make your hair softer, shinier, and smoother. Here, we will talk about the benefits of the Mayo hair treatment and then will come to the usage.

Benefits of Mayonnaise hair treatment

Mayonnaise is a rich source of hair healthy ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, egg, and soy oil which contain fatty acids and vitamins, that boosts the shine and the moisture in the hair. Here is why mayo is the best thing for your hair:

  • Mayo contains L-cysteine, an amino acid, that nourishes the hair scalp promoting a healthy hair growth.
  • Clouding your hair with mayo helps kill hair lice
  • Mayo can straighten your hair after a regular use.
  • Mayo contains nourishing oils and hence is a natural conditioner
  • It removes dryness and frizz
  • It fights against dandruff

How to do a mayonnaise hair treatment at home

Mayo is easy to use at home. This is what you need to do:

Buy a Full fat Mayonnaise: Use a full-fat mayonnaise rather than a low fat or diet mayonnaise as the former contains the nutritional ingredients like olive oil that will nourish your hair more and make it soft and shiny. Do take care to use a non-flavored one as any flavoring of herbs or spices may smell odd and these ingredients may not be healthy for your hair. If you can use a natural and organic mayonnaise, nothing like it.

Take out the measured quantity in a bowl: You can use about half a cup of mayonnaise in one go. You can increase or decrease the quantity depending on the length of your hair. The mayonnaise should be able to entirely cover your hair. Using less won’t suffice and using more will give you a tough time at the time you will rinse your hair.

Put it out for some time: We generally store Mayo in the refrigerator. But for the hair treatment, Mayo needs to be at the room temperature. Thus, take out the mayo at least an hour before you begin to apply so that it becomes normal. Mayo at room temperature also allows the follicles of your hair to absorb the essential fats and oils of the mayonnaise better.

Wash your hair with water: Time to hydrate your hair! Use warm water to wet your hair. You can also use a hairspray. Do not use shampoo or condition on your hair, all you need to do is to wash the hair with warm water. Warm water opens the hair follicles and lets the mayonnaise enter into your hair smoothly.

Apply Mayonnaise to your hair: Now comes the real action! Cover your hair root to tip with Mayo. For the best application, use a comb as it will help distribute the mayo all through the hair. If the Mayo is becoming too foggy and thick, you can use some warm water to make it slightly liquid.

Massage the Mayo in your hair: Gently massage the mayo in your hair in a circular direction to allow mayo enter well into the hair.

Leave it for an hour: Allow the mayo to rest in your hair for about half an hour to an hour. You can cover your hair with a shower cap to allow the deep conditioning.

Rinse and shampoo your hair: Now that you are done, rinse your hair with warm water. Now apply shampoo to remove the mayo. You will feel that your hair has become soft and silky.


home remedies to control hair fall

Hair fall is one of the most common and poignant problems ever. It cannot be more distressing to see your hair falling on the floor and getting left into the comb. It can really give you a nightmare! There are many reasons for hair loss. If you have deficiency of protein, thyroid, anemia, or low levels of vitamin in your body, you can experience hair fall. Some other reasons include genetic factors, stress, hormonal changes, weight loss, poor diet, and many more.

If you are aspiring for a long and luscious hair, you will have to put in some easy efforts to get your healthy hair back. The best thing to do is to adopt the natural way of treatment which is free of chemicals and side-effects and is long lasting too. Here are suggested some easy home remedies to control hair fall.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most magical ingredient ever. It is not only good for skin, but for hair too. The regular application of Aloe Vera will control hair shed and also boost hair growth. It is also known to have certain properties that diminishes the itching and flaking of the scalp.

You need to extract the Aloe Vera gel from the fresh stalk of the Aloe Vera plant. Apply this pulp to your hair and let it rest for about half an hour or more. Now wash your hair with regular water. Repeat thrice or four times a week to better the results.

Fenugreek seeds

Another majestic ingredient to treat hair fall, which is commonly found in your kitchen is Fenugreek seeds. It has hormone antecedents and nicotinic acid that helps bring the damaged hair follicles back to life and allows the hair to grow fast.

To make the fenugreek seeds hair pack, you need to soak the seeds in the water for about 5-6 hours. Make a paste of the swollen seeds in the grinder. Gently apply the paste on both your hair and scalp. Let it rest on your head for about half hour. Then rinse it with the regular water. Don’t use shampoo. Repeat two times a week for the best results.


We all know what a rich source of protein egg is! The same concept applies here. If your hair is falling due to the protein deficiency, applying egg mask is the best thing to do to your hair. Other than protein, the egg is also rich in phosphorous, sulphur, iodine, and zinc. The combination of these elements encourages hair growth.

Mix a teaspoon of olive oil and honey in one egg white. Make a paste of these three ingredients. Apply on the scalp and the hair from root to tips. Then rinse it with the regular water after half hour.

Onion juice

A study was done on the people who used the onion juice on their hair. The results were published in the Journal of Dermatology in the year 2002. As per the study, 74% of the respondents experienced substantial hair re-growth.

It is one of the easiest and the most effective hair fall treatment. It contains huge sulfur that increases the blood circulation in the hair and repairs the hair follicles along with reducing the inflammation. Onion juice also has antibacterial properties which kills bacteria and parasites and treats infections too.

You just need to take out the juice of one onion. Apply the strained juice on the scalp. Let it remain on the scalp for about 45 minutes to an hour. Rinse with shampoo. You can also add aloe Vera gel to the onion juice in almost the same proportion. Repeat twice or thrice a week for a couple of months.

Coconut oil

One of the most versatile ingredient, the coconut oil not only treats falling hair but also has other hair and skin benefits. It conditions the hair, encourages hair growth, and lessens the hair breakage due to the high content of essentials like fats, minerals, proteins, potassium and iron.

Both the coconut oil and coconut milk are equally effective to stop hair fall. Apply warm coconut oil to your hair while you massage it root to tip. You can rinse your hair after two hours or leave it overnight. To use coconut milk, grate the coconut and extract its milk. Apply it on the scalp. Either leave it overnight or wash off after an hour or two.


Garlic is also rich in Sulphur like onion. It finds its usage in the hair repair medicines too. To use garlic, peel a few cloves of garlic. Crush it. Add some coconut oil to the crushed garlic and let it boil on a medium high flame. After 10 minutes, switch of the flame. When the mixture cools down, apply it on your scalp. Let it rest for 30 minutes to an hour and then you can rinse your hair with regular water. Repeat twice a week.



First lady Melania Trump Style Diary

“I like to dress nicely. I always say that it’s easy to put on a nice dress,” says Melania Trump to the magazine Hello.

Melania Trump, the current First Lady of the US and the wife of U.S. President Donald Trump, has worked in the fashion industry as a model since she was just 5 years of age, and that’s where we guess she got her style quotient from! She seems to have continued with her refined and luxurious style. Vogue observes that she has an intense liking towards strongly tailored pieces and exclusive costumes designed by the high-end designers.

Let us go through some of her top looks:

Ribbon cutting for the Healing Garden

Melania Trump was spotted in a serene white colored eyelet dress from Giambattista Valli when she went to the Children’s National Medical Center for the ribbon cutting for the Healing Garden. Her outfit was pretty soothing to the eyes and suited to the occasion well. She definitely knows when to wear what!

White House’s Annual Easter Egg Roll

In other kid’s event at White House, she was found flaunting her subtle blush pink dress from Herve Pierre. She accessorized her pleasing look with pink flats, which matched perfectly with her dress.

Greeting Chinese President

She chose a bold red Valentino dress when she went to greet the Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife.

England Arrival

In her first visit to Great Britain with her husband, the first lady chose to wear a cocktail dress from Roland Mouret. The beige colored dress with an elegant neckline was contrasted with a little red belt, and it couldn’t look better. Her look was also compared with British girl Meghan Markle as she had also worn a similar Roland Mouret cocktail dress when Meghan was on her first international trip to Ireland.

Meeting with Queen Elizabeth

Melania Trump picked Dior skirt suit with a little or no make-up for her meeting with Queen Elizabeth. She accessorized her look with a black thin belt and nude pumps. In this simple outfit, she looked gorgeous.

An evening at Blenheim Palace

Suited perfectly to the occasion, Melania Trump looked utterly glorious and regal when she wore a dim yellow colored cape dress in chiffon, designed by J Mendel for her first night in the United Kingdom. As she posed for the shutterbugs with her husband, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband Philip, she gave an impeccable look.



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