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Best Zombie Games For Android and IOS


Best Zombie Games For Android and IOS

Zombies can be scary, but they have been entertaining us for a very long time. They have featured in television series, films, console games, and mobile phone games. Zombie games create horror and thrill within the payer, making them popular. Virtually fighting these pathogen-infected creatures showcases our skills for survival and is a great medium of entertainment. Apart from entertainment, these adrenaline-pumping games improve skills like- better reflex, decision making, logical reasoning, and many more.

Now let’s jump into the list of the Best Zombie Games for both Andriod and IOS users.

  1. Last Day On Earth: Survival– This multiplayer online gaming is set in a post-apocalyptic world where your character has just one goal- to survive. Your character will begin from nothing then proceed to gather resources for survival. Things like thirst and hunger are to be kept in mind to keep your character alive. For defence, one has to craft their weapon.
  2. Into the Dead 2– Just like most zombie games, you will be surrounded by hundreds of zombies. You will be provided with a loaded gun, and all you need to do is kill those deadly creatures and reach the safe spot without being eaten. This game has more than one end, and the story evolves into 7 action-packed chapters filled with challenges.
  3. Unkilled-This multiplayer game has an epic storyline with more than 150 missions. Throughout the game, you can access more than 40 weapons to help you slaughter them. This game allows you to customise your character, and it comes with chilling music.
  4. Dead trigger 2-  This well-rounded zombie game demands you to save the world from the horrible zombies. This game offers 10 regions that can be unblocked to play strategy for different battlefields. You can explore more than 70 types of weapons. The shooting is automatic, and you get to traverse different areas for a hideout, which will bring you bonuses.
  5. Dawn of zombies: Survival-  This one is very similar to Last Day on Earth, where you begin from nothing and proceed through the game by scavenging and collecting resources. You can even trade your items for better ones. Your character can restore his energy for free through food and shelter, and you get to customise your shelter and upgrade your vehicle for a better experience.
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