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Best Crypto Trading Bots for Automated Trading:


Best Crypto Trading Bots for Automated Trading:

Crypto trading bots are built to assist you in the productive trading of cryptocurrencies. It is an automation that trades by mapping your strategy and sells or buys revenues based on certain statistics. The main purpose is of these bots is to reduce risks and losses in trading.

Most of the cryptocurrency trading like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance, Monero, etc., are nowadays done using bots. To help you get started and live up to the current competition level, crypto trading bots will help. Here are a few:

Pionex: In Pionex, you get access to 12 unique bots without paying extra. Pionex has low trading commissions and a separate mobile app. It automatically invests in cryptocurrencies whenever the specific or predefined market stats are met. It supports inter crypto conversion and manual trading, but the majority of traders enjoy its automatic crypto trading bot available 24×7.


  • Traders can access 12 unique crypto trading bots
  • Very small trading fees at 0.05%
  • Smart trading terminal allows customizing trading parameters like stop-loss, profit, etc.
  • Bots here provide upto 5 times leverage
  • Has mobile apps and has licensed approval

Cryptohopper: It is an excellent free automatic crypto trading bot that handles market fluctuation effectively. Since it’s a cloud-based tool, all the updates or server issues are maintained without affecting your trading. It continues to trade precisely even if you’re offline.


  • No credit card information required to join
  • Cloud-based and doesn’t require platform installation
  • Provides shared strategies and trading templates to better yourself
  • Keeps your data secure
  • User friendly shows real-time performance report

Coinrule: Coinrule provides you with a wide range of strategies with its 130+ predefined templates. These templates have different algorithms based on market statistics that help you in automatic trading. From long-term planning to optimizing stop-loss and individual profits, Coinrule helps you manage everything easily.



  • 130+ available trading templates
  • Has  both free and paid packages
  • Test the preset rules with past data
  • Market indicators for easy fund allocation
  • Trade 24×7 with military-level security

Conclusion: Besides the above-mentioned crypto trading bots, there is plenty more available in the market. Each comes with different templates (algorithms) and trades on a large number of cryptocurrencies. Validation of the preset template strategies will help. Hopefully, you would enjoy trading using suitable crypto trading bots.

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