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Things guys notice when they meet you for the first time.


Things guys notice when they meet you for the first time.

Things guys notice when they meet you for the first time.

Guys do act like they do not notice but the truth of the matter is they do with their telescopic view about everything possible in the first meeting. The face is indeed the first aspect of attention.

Lips: Guys notice the lips of the girl they meet for the first time. 5%-6% consider good-shaped lips to be a major cause of attraction to take the meeting forward. A smile is an inseparable part of lips is greatly observed in terms of being genuine or fake. A beaming smile not only spreads on your face but also brings light in the eyes. It carries along a positive vibe and a sense of acceptance to move forward.

Eyes: A genuine guy will always look into the eyes while speaking. Eyes are said to be a window to the soul. It applies to both the participants of the meeting. If the person is genuine he/she will not shy away from making eye-contact. Beautiful eyes are a sure shot gainer in attracting anyone.

Height and Figure: Yes, physical attributes to take a front seat when it comes to marking an everlasting impression. Good posture, height, and figure with a comfortable yet smartly dressed girl are an assured winner at the meeting. It doesn’t imply that short and plump hold no hope, they do but they need to accentuate their other physical attributes to gain more attention.

Hair: neat, healthy and well-kept hair is a sure shot winner of the meeting. Girls with wavy, straight or curly texture if do their hair properly in the first meeting then it does attract a lot of points from the guy’s side. Guys prefer girls with long hair on an average of approximately 55% prefer long haired girls.

Laugh and sense of humor: open unhidden laughter and a great sense of humor not only turns the meeting lively but also interesting. It makes the environment less nervous and allows the other person to open up slowly. Unnecessary giggles are for sure annoying but an open laughter on some matter makes things better between the two of you. A warm laugh is good enough to cross all the nervousness hurdles easily.

How you interact with others: guys do notice the way you interact with others on the way. He will get impressed with acts of kindness and compassion when you are with him. Noticing elderly and kids while strolling down the lane with him and giving a helping hand to those in needs will speak volume about the person you are within. Oodles of make-up, hairdo, and expensive dress are all fake in front of the genuine real you.

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