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How to Know You Are Dating the Wrong Person

How to Know You Are Dating the Wrong Person.


How to Know You Are Dating the Wrong Person

How to Know You Are Dating the Wrong Person.

Relationships are not full proof; it has their own share of ups and downs. There is no relationship manual to help you overcome or avoid heartbreak. All of us have been stuck by a stupid-cupid and fallen head over heels madly, blindly in the game of LOVE. Though there are some clear cut signs and patterns showing that you are dating the wrong person. All of us have experienced this at least once in our lifetime so far.

Demanding/commanding at all times:

If your partner is very demanding and commanding at all times, dictating terms and conditions like

  • What to do and what not.
  • What to wear, what not.
  • Whom to talk to
  • When to sit, sleep, drink, eat etc

Just make your exit plan. He’s not the one you can think of long term relationship with. Trust is the main ingredient of any long lasting relationship. In its absence the entire dish goes for a six.

Always your best critic

You are dating the wrong person, if he is always criticising about your taste for food, music, movies, dressing and make-up. He’s too self-centred to notice the good in you.

I’m the BEST; you are the fortunate one

There are guys who think too high of themselves. They don’t miss a single chance to out shine you. On top of it you are made to feel to be the fortunate one, to have got them in your life.

Less attentive towards you

It’s a clear cut hint; if you are dating the wrong person he’s less attentive towards your needs, desires, likes and dislikes. Don’t be just the trophy wife/girlfriend for some one. Be more desirable and know your worth.

Insensitive behaviour towards less fortunate one’s or a show-off

Guys with rude behaviour towards service staff, spill the beans of their behavioural issues. If they are not nice to the simple common public serving them; expect nothing for yourself from them. It’s not chick to kick the common man and show-off your money, power or position.

Doubt’s you or doesn’t let you meet his friends.

How annoying it can be, if your partner calls frequently to check your whereabouts. Doubting and chasing you every hour/every day. You are definitely dating the wrong person, if he’s super possessive and cannot share your time with others. If he finds reasons to avoid meeting you up with his friends, then something is definitely not right.

Instagram/Facebook is out of your bounds

If you are not friends with him on Facebook and Instagram, then he’s hiding a lot from you. If the relationship is on a serious note, then these accounts are shared.

Always trust your GUT/Intuition.

Hold no doubts if your gut or intuition says otherwise. Something has to go wrong will go wrong. But your inner self will always warn you. Listen to that voice for your mental health and peace. You are dating the wrong person if your GUT says so. Believe it or not!

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