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For every human being, Economy and Ecology are of prime importance in these days with global warming and pollution lifting their ugly heads while the economic recession is impacting almost all individuals. Therefore, when an individual derives value while contributing to the ecology – knowingly or unknowingly, he or she will be keen to benefit out of this besides believing his / her contribution to the ecology. Besides value, they will also have various benefits in terms of saving time, energy and helping their health.

  On this premise, FreMo intends to launch the networked bicycle rental services to its members which will enable the members to save at least Rs. 30 to Rs. 40 a day on travel.

FreMo is derived from the phrase “Freedom to Move”. Because, the objective of FreMo is to give you the Freedom to Move from one place to other, without really depending on availability of public transport or using your car / motor bike for the short distance travel. FreMo also intends to bridge the first and last mile of your travel since the railway station or bus stop is not right at your door step. And it is not possible to carry a bicycle or other means of personal transport on the bus or train. Therefore, you could simply pick up a cycle at the station and ride home or vice versa with benefits like exercise, environmental benefits and economical travel.

Today’s commuter has various pain points:

  • Daily travelling to and fro between residence and station is a pain in itself, besides the cost that one has to pay for the same.
  • Further, the commuter goes through the terrible traffic jams and bad pollution levels
  • Commuter also spends lot of time waiting for a bus at a bus stop or for auto who will take him to his destination
  • The commuter spend lots of time at traffic jams and signals

A member of FreMo has none of these problems. He/she does not have to own a vehicle and have the hassles of maintaining it. Just take it from us and leave it with us when you complete your journey.

Above all, this will give you an opportunity to “exercise while you travel” because cycling is the best exercise for your body and this will make you healthy. You can also take the cycle purely for exercise and you can ride it for an hour or two every day. And, it costs very very less. May be you can save the money you spend on your Gym membership.

Who can benefit from the membership in particular:

  • Office goers (no waiting period for auto or bus)
  • Health freaks (just go for cycling for one hour daily morning)
  • College students
  • People travelling extensively in short distance, like Courier boys
  • Fun loving cyclists (travel on holidays and week-ends)
  • Tourists (domestic and foreign)
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